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Post by Wolfy on Sat Oct 17, 2015 8:35 pm

The door slammed behind her as soon as she set foot outside, swept up in a miniature whirlwind of summer breeze that definitely wasn't unpleasant by any means. Her heart was hammering against her chest as she stood against the wall, heel propped up against it to keep her balance as she flicked through her phone. There were others waiting to meet some of the performers, but a majority were small children with their parents and she immediately felt a little silly holding the small green teddy in her arms. A gift was not necessary, she understood, but it was the thought that counted and had purely been something she wanted to do for him, just because she could. The children were interested in it as they skipped around the small area, every once in a while gazing over at the young woman and what she held in her free arm, whilst she focused as best she could on texting. A grin did curl at the corners of her mouth whenever she would catch them looking and it wasn't until she recalled the technicolor dress she was wearing, that she realised the teddy likely wasnt where their interest lay.

Most of the parents, along with their children had decided they'd waited long enough when the lead of the days performance had not yet ventured outside and her heart dropped from her throat, down into the pit of her stomach. It was akin to dropping an achor overboard and she felt the weight of it as it went down, sinking lower and lower until a lump formed in her throat to make up for that void. Eyes on the verge of tears and hands shaking a little, she grasped her phone tightly in her hands and tried just one more time, hoping to coax him out of the building because she had brought his gift all that way. Luckily for the children, he flew out of the double doors within two minutes of her having sent that message and he immediately sought them out, opting to go right around the corner after them as opposed to straight over toward her. No frown appeared, however, just a vibrant smile when she noted how important the kids were to him and she watched, eyes shining, as he took a photograph with two of the little boys whom had chosen to wait a little bit longer earlier, bounding around their mother.

The girl shifted away from the side of the building and got a little closer to the door in case he trotted back off inside without realising she had been standing just a few feet away. It worked, both to her delight and her misfortunate, as she soon found she was suffering with a fairly lethal inability to breathe correctly the moment he turned towards her and grinned. It went unnoticed by him and for whatever reason, she managed to keep it in check as he looked down at the teddy in her hands, which she deftly sprung out in his direction for him to hold. In approval, her generosity was met with another bright smile and an immediate embrace as he pulled her straight into his arms, remaining there for a moment or two before pulling back again to carry on some sort of conversation. It was nigh impossible to achieve given her current state, but she managed at least a few words, namely embarrassing herself further when she told him it had been worth the long train ride just to see him perform, in the same role and the same show, for the third time in under a year and he had chuckled.

Soon after the children had toddled off with their mother and the two were left standing there, her awkwardly shuffling from one foot to another in an effort to pass the time whilst she tried to build up enough courage to say something and him, standing there with a grin and admiring the teddy a little while longer, fully acknowleding her timidness. It was probably his consideration and patience that finally gave her the courage to speak up after a long, yet comfortable silence and as she opened her mouth to say something, the distinct sound of raggedy breathing caught his attention. His grin turned upside down and he felt a wave of panic in his chest as she too realised what was about to come. Her eyes watered, purely out of embarrassment and she fell forward, dreading hitting the concrete beneath their feet, but was immediately wrapped in his arms once again, long before she got there. As he held her tight to him, fearful that she was still a little wobbly on her legs, she felt her face flush crimson until the heat hopped off the tip of her nose. She was ashamed, quite so, but he didn't mind.

Blissfully unaware of everything that was happening, whilst simultaneously aware that she remained in his hold, it took her a few minutes to stand upright, until her eyes examined her surroundings and she noted they were no longer outside. He had, goodness knows how, managed to coax her into the building and now, they stood in his dressing room, his arm the only limb clinging to her waist as he fought against his own ability to trust that she would now be all right standing alone. That had probably happened on occasion, if not regularly for others, but he never would have considered himself important enough to induce that sort of response from a fan. Although, the way in which she blushed and stumbled so easily over every word that parted her lips, indicated she was likely attracted to him, ergo gave her more of a reason to lose control over her body. It was that alone that brought a grin back to his handsome face and he fixed his eyes on her, wary still in regard to her stability. Watching her, he noticed she was still dazed as she clung casually to the robe he had tight around him still.

“To answer yer question, no, I dun think yer at all irritatin' an' yer should probably stop worryin' so much 'bout wha' other people think. Especially me, yer know, 'am nothin' special,” he chuckled, feeling comfortable now as he moved away from the girl, over toward the sofa on the other side of the room and took a seat, immediately patting the space beside him. Her eyes managed to focus once again and the lightheaded rush she had felt previously dissipated, but as soon as she was given the all clear by her body that was no longer likely to collapse in front of him, her mind began to race. Thoughts about how he was probably just being nice to appease her, because she was ashamed of herself and he wanted only to make sure she was okay before sending her back off out the doors home. That ran through her head over and over until his voice broke through her fears once more, halting her brain in its track course with the words that fell so easily through his parted lips. He wanted her to sit beside him and made it all the more obvious as he moved forward a little on the furniture, catching her gaze.

“Oh, right, sorry about that,” she mumbled, still a little nervous as she neared where he sat and slowly sank down into the cushioned sofa herself, adjusting her dress enough to keep it from riding up more than was necessary. “I think you are something special, but I guess you hear that sort of thing all the time and are tired of it, right? I imagine you would be. I know I would be, but then there's the other side of it, feeling like you matter to someone and have made a difference in their life,” she was rambling now and recognised all the signs well, but found herself unable to stop the flurry of words as they tumbled out of her mouth in quite a hurry. It was almost as though she was looking to fill some kind of space, that probably could be just as easily filled with idle chatter from the pair of them. And it was then she decided to fall silent, dropping her chin and focusing now on her hands as they rested on her lap. She deemed it wise to shut up because she had spoken too much and too fast, probably earning some sort of amusement from him, though she heard no amount of laughter come out of him.

“I cun appreciate the way people feel an' wha' they believe 'ave done for 'em, but at the same time, I still only see myself as just a regular lad, with a bit of an accent on the side,” he stated, though his remark induced a raised brow from her as though to say, a bit of an accent was an understatement, but she nodded all the same as he gave his own views regarding how people felt about him. He was flattered that she found him so inspirational and that she had travelled all that way to see him, dragging her father along for the ride all the while and had even laughed about it a couple of times, but he affirmed that he was still just as plain as they come and she just smiled. That smile heated her cheeks all over again as she noticed him leaning toward her side of the sofa, as though waiting for her to say something and deeming it wiser to be nearer given how soft spoken and quiet she was all the times before. That rattled her nerves a bit, but she found determination enough to look up at him long enough to get her own words out, though her fingers twisted around as her hands rested on her lap.

“I think you're very modest, then, and a gentleman to boot. I've been so frightened of approaching you, after all these months but your comment after the show earlier this year gave me that boost I needed to try and face my fears and, honestly, I'm still a ball of nerves and my head, I'm sure, isn't even in the right place at the moment, but I'm glad I acted on what you requested and.. you know, bit the bullet, so to speak,” her words grew more faint with each that left her mouth and she heard the familiar sound of a chuckle caught in his throat, as he tried to keep it down. In her mind, she was fast becoming a problem for him and all he could do was laugh it off, but she had no idea what he was really thinking in regard to her, or her company and probably would never know at this point. It wasn't until she rose her eyes that she noticed he was staring rather intently into them, immediately igniting another burning flame in the hollow of her cheeks. It was clearly going to be a losing battle for as long as he wanted her to remain in the dressing room and she was beginning to feel nauseous.

“'Am glad yer did an' all, babe,” he answered, leaning forward just a few more inches until his nose almost bumped against hers, but she swiftly stood from the sofa, smoothing down the ridges in her dress as it had ridden up a little with how she had been sitting. Shaking the remaining dust particles from both her dress and inside her head, she made quick work of floating toward the door without so much as looking back at the male whom, as far as she was concerned, tried to make a pass at her. If that were so, he would have surely acted on impulse and prevented her from rising in a heartbeat, but he hadn't and so, biting the inside of her cheek, she fretted a moment as she stood there. Her hand was resting casually on the handle as she fought against whether or not she wanted to turn on her heel, return to the sofa and apologise to him for her unusual behaviour. In the back of her head, there was a voice screaming at her to do just that, given her response, because he was only going to think of her as nothing more than a lunatic as soon as she walked out the door and far away from the building.

“I'm sorry, that was really rude of me, forgive me for being so...” the words tumbled out of her mouth a little too quickly but she figured he would have understood them anyway, given how small the room actually was and that her voice had been loud enough. But the presence directly behind her had her gripping the door handle a little more tightly, giving her something solid to hold onto as he pressed his chest against her back, pushing her with little effort against the wood. Her breath came tumbling out as he did so, grabbing her wrists and holding her hands palm down against the door to let her know she wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Where before her methods at keeping her breathing under some sort of control had been positive, they were now fruitless as her heart jumped up and down on a bungee in her chest, down into the pit of her stomach and back up to the base of her throat. It was a rollercoaster of emotion from start to finish, as he pressed his body closer still, completely trapping her between himself and the object she could no longer open, but was more or less a part of now.

He tightened his hold on both her wrists with only one of his hands and she saw this as an opportunity to try and escape, but he had clearly anticipated her willingness to flee from the unfamiliar situation, when his free hand dove deep between her thighs and his fingers ghosted over the heat that was already coming off of her in waves. The ball of his hand made quick work of rousing her from whatever state she had dropped into as he had locked her in place and kneaded her flesh for a few moments, trying to entice some sort of sound from her throat so he could acknowledge she was enjoying the encounter and not wanting still to run away and hide. Her response to him throughout their brief interaction earlier, right up to this point, had been far from negative and he was able to comprehend, now, how a girl reacted to him and what each reaction actually meant. Her blushing was an indication that she was interested in him, in such a way, as it was accompanied by her gaze lingering a little too long on his lips each time he opened his mouth to say something to her.

Grinning about it would get him absolutely nowhere, though, as her gaze was currently latched onto his hand as it remained burrowed between her legs, fingers still idly gliding over her skin. Her hips did rock forward a couple of times as she fought against his teasing for some kind of friction, but each time she jolted, he withdrew his hand a little, chuckling into her ear. The whine that followed his obvious amusement only encouraged him to continue tormenting the girl until she was almost begging him for some kind of release, that was surely to come in the near future if he carried on. Pulling her eyes away from watching his hand so closely, she dropped her head back until it rested on his shoulder and slowly shifted her gaze until it locked with his own. There was a fire there, clear as day and she felt the all too familiar heat of redness coat the entirety of her face. A small smile fell upon her lips as she lowered her eyes to look at his own and in turn, saw them curl up at either corner before dragging her eyes back up to his. Given the compromising position, she wasn't backing down.

“Are yer done fightin' it now?” he almost growled, sending jolts of electricity over the skin of her neck with how hot his breath had become in a matter of seconds. “Are yer goin' to give in to wha' yer really want an' not try to run away from me?” his words were like honey, gliding over her entire being and in their own way, earning a response from her body long before she managed to speak, as her hips rocked forward once again and she groaned. He still wasn't close enough to touch her properly, but the gentle bump she achieved by pressing her body forward so suddenly did appease her for the time being. The fire in his eyes seemed to burn all the more with her need to move against him, even though he had suggested without words moments ago that he wanted her to wait. This was her knowingly going against his orders and that in itself was enough to stir something within him. The girl reacted again after only a few seconds had gone by, spinning around in his arms until she was facing him, their noses pressed right up against one anothers and she just stared, challenging him.

“I won't ever fight it, if I know it's what you want. Nevermind me.. that isn't important. Is this something you want or is it something you think you want, because there is a very big difference and I don't want to be your only regret,” she stated, intense gaze fixed on his face as she looked up at him, waiting for any indication that told her he really wasn't in the right state of mind and that she was right. Her heart was playing tug of war already as the silence filled the small room and she became as worried as thoughts rushing about inside her head, telling her he was going to deny her, even though he had just encouraged her consent. He had been the one to make that move and it made no sense why he would suddenly change his mind and turn his back on her. She didn't believe he was the sort of person to do that, but his response did not come in the form of words. The hand that still held her wrists high above her head dropped down, mirroring the other that rested on one side of her hip, until he had her firmly in place. “Is this.. what you want? Can you live with this?” she continued, waiting.

A grin cracked how straight and moderately serious his expression had been and he openly chuckled at the words that had fallen from her lips, at which point she could only pout. With a gentle shake of his head, as though to say, she was absolutely off her rocker, he hurriedly closed the gap between them and caught her lips with his own, not letting up with pressure as his hands moved up the ends of her dress. Something of a squeak sounded in her throat as she realised the sound would be muffled by her lips, because he was definitely not likely to release her within the next five minutes. Her hands, though trembling something terrible, followed suit with his, as both sets explored the body that was pressed so tightly against them, radiating the scorching heat of an untame solar flare.

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*fans self* * squeals* *faints* I adored this! I just...I can't with the words right now! I don't even have gifs to convey how I'm feeling right now, all I can say is I frickkin' ship it! bounce cheers

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