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Post by Wolfy on Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:31 pm

I apologise for the dull title and how very, very brief this piece is, but I subjected Helene to Davey from The Kilkennys because she's a good sport and went right along with it for me.

A little tipsy from the beverage she had downed no more than an hour ago at the local pub, the brunette was already beginning to feel the sway in her still form as she sat there, trying so hard to focus her attention on the group of irishmen on the stage directly before her. A smile had found its way onto her rose tinted lips several minutes earlier on account of his irish twang when he offered up a joke for the crowd and she hadn't been able to shake it since. Hands folded neatly on her lap, she tugged at her dress every now and then to keep it low enough on her thighs, but it was proving fruitless. Deciding instead to ignore the obvious fashion error for the evening, her mind wandered to all manner of things as she sat there, swaying slightly to the songs being performed and senses heightened to all the noise around her.

Eye contact was made a handful of times with the frontman and that same coy smile remained fixed to her expression throughout the first half of the show. Puffing out a load of air as she rose from her seat to fetch a plastic cup of water, in favour of trying to sober up a little bit during the interval, the woman made her way over to the bar, but didn't quite reach the double doors as she was shoved against a far wall. Yelping just a little in pure shock, eyes lifted to meet that of a man she had never met before, with a scraggly beard and greasy hair, holding a pint of guinness in one hand as he kept her firm against the wall behind her. Breath hitched in her throat when she realised that no one else was really paying attention to a darkened corner of the theatre and she considered the consequences of shouting for help; he probably anticipated that. And he had, she noticed, when she did open her mouth as though to scream.

A hand clamped down over her lips and no amount of biting and whining ushered him off and away from her, so she stood there helpless, pleading that someone would come to her aid. The volume within the building had risen considerably since the break had begun so she had no high hopes that anyone was going to rescue her, until the ghastly man, whom had taken to peppering horrid kisses and nips down the side of her neck, was ripped clear away from her body and the distinct sound of a fist meeting a jaw filtered through all other sounds. No one seemed to notice the mini brawl either, evidently, as they were all rushing back in to their seats. Shaken from the ordeal, yet fully appreciative of the rescue attempt that was surprisingly successful, as the handsy man took off out the back door of the theatre, she lifted her gaze up and met his. A soft gasp did follow then, but he gave her just a warm smile in return.

Close behind the male, she followed him through the bar area and then parted ways with one final smile as she scampered off to land in her own seat again; the last to return. As earlier, the lights dimmed down and they began their final few songs of the evening, brushing away her terror bit by bit and the odd wink he tossed in her direction also eased her frail nerves. Thankful for the luck she had, curtesy of a rather charming irish folk singer, she emptied out into the bar area again with everyone else whom had attended the show that night, slipping into the toilets to touch up her make-up, though she would only be heading back home. Patting her hair down again and making sure the ends were curled smoothly enough, she smacked her lips and blew a kiss to herself in the mirror before chuckling and heading on out. A gathering of people were in the small area between the bar and the toilets and judging by the cd's they held in their hands, were waiting to meet the boys and get a couple of things signed.

Being without much change left to purchase one herself, she decided against hanging about and tossed on her jacket to leave the premises, but not before he caught her eye one final time. He was stood behind a table with the other lads, signing away and having a little chat with everyone who was offering praise and congratulations on the new album release, but he did allow his gaze to rest on her long enough to send a puzzled look her way, to which she sent back a sad smile with a shrug of her shoulders. Holding up her purse, she tipped it upside down so he understood she had no reason to hang back with everyone else and gave him a wave before walking out into the cool crisp air. The streets were not at all busy at that time of night, so crossing roads in a hurry to get back to where it was warm wasn't a difficult task. The only difficulty she experienced was her inability to stop her mind from racing with thoughts of the man whom had saved her from the drunk, not too long ago now.

Within fifteen minutes she was back home and was greeted by the heat of a nice warm fire she had lit immediately before heading out for the evening. Kicking off her boots, she set her purse down on the sofa and closed all of the blinds so no peeping toms would disturb what had been a very pleasant outing. Shrugging her jacket from her shoulders, she toddled off into the kitchen and flipped the kettle on for a nice cup of tea; one well deserved after such a long day, but was interrupted by a hammering of a knock on the front door. Perplexed and a little put off by how late it was, despite living in such a safe area with the friendliest of neighbours, she unchained the door first, then took a moment more to actually open the door. Eyes bugged at the sight on the other side and though she had a thousand questions waiting to burst out, she wasn't able to utter a single word, which he wouldn't have waited for anyway, it seemed.

Palm resting on the door, he gave it a gentle shove and she let it go, allowing him entrance into her home and just as she found her voice to ask him how he knew where she lived, above all else, he attained a firm grip around her waist and hoisted her up off the floor. Bewildered, a yelp of surprise poured out of her mouth and she held for dear life to his toned shoulders, her question now flying out and going entirely unnoticed by him. Preoccupied, he was. Setting her down upon a nearby cabinet against the far side of the room, he pressed her back flush against the wall as she sat there, in a world of her own, hands trembling as they slowly slid down the broad expanse of his chest. Eyes locked on his and for just a moment, the answer to all her questions were buried there and she fell silent, no longer feeling the need to examine every detail, as he swooped in with nips and kisses to the nape of her neck, earning a groan.

As this went on, her hands alternated between his chest and reaching for a grip on his upper arms to keep herself steady, should she go tumbling with the absurdity of it all. His affection was invited, as she remained passive and unwilling to cease anything that he was doing to her body because, as he could see reflecting back at him through her own eyes, she did want this. A look of determination and concentration rested on his face then and whilst her neck received a couple of blessings from his mouth, she heard the familiar sound of a fly being unzipped. The only item of clothing removed from her person seconds later was her underwear, that he swiftly tore in two and tossed onto the floor in a hurry to gain full access to her. And in one final lunge, he shifted forward, entering her without breaks and without any need for patience, easing both sets of obvious frustration that had been biding its time all evening.

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