Generations and how they've shaped you

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Generations and how they've shaped you Empty Generations and how they've shaped you

Post by Maggie on Fri Jul 21, 2017 1:16 am

I seem to be at odds with myself lately. Perhaps it's just my personality as I get older but then I got to thinking could it have something to do with how I was raised and by whom? I never used to put much stock into the whole generational name thing but lately it's thrown me, so, like any curious person I did a little digging. My father is from the Silent Generation as he was born in the early 40's and my mother was born in the early 50's now there's about twelve years difference between them and I can assure you that I was certainly an unplanned bonus that fell into their lives when I arrived in '90. My mother is a Baby Boomer, much more laid back and more accepting of change my father on the other hand is a very set in stone type of guy who doesn't do well with change at all. I, for the most part try to go with the flow. My research has come to conclude that I'm a Millennial given my birth year but I find myself identifying more with a mix of Millennial and the Gen-Xer crowds. Could this be from my given personality or is it because i was raised by two different generations? I have no clue. How about you?

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