Which Classical Author Are You?

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Which Classical Author Are You? Empty Which Classical Author Are You?

Post by Maggie on Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:58 pm

Very interesting quiz from an author's blog that I quite enjoy. (He's got some fab works by the way.) Even comes with a reading recommendation! cheers 


Which Classical Author Are You? Charlotte%20Bronte

You are most like Charlotte Bronte.

You do not need nor do you want to advertise yourself. You do not care to be noticed for being loud and crass. You can wait and be appreciated for the truly important things, such as: dignified decorum, strong morals and depth of thought. You look at the world with steady and uncompromising gaze. And you actually enjoy being on your own and contemplating in silence and solitude. After all, you have been blessed with an imagination that will always keep you entertained. You have always delighted in the fictitious world of your own. Others may think you lacking in cheerfulness, but you simply do not care to be used as entertainment. You also know that love, relationships and marriage require hard work on your part. You can and will make it work even if means that you have to lose yourself in the task. Admit it, though, you still have not figured out men. You are clever enough to know that a woman should seem weak even if she has health of a horse, fragile even if she has nerves of steel and delicate if she has sensibilities of a peasant midwife. You upbringing does not let you ask ‘why’ and you are more and more tempted to retire to the silent and mysterious world of your own...

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