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Post by Maggie on Sun Mar 23, 2014 1:27 am

Not sure if I've shared this before so if I have I beg your forgiveness. Now, I know we all have our own little rituals when it comes to getting inside our characters heads or setting the scene. I just thought I'd share some of mine.

1. I light candles/burn wax cubes - I've been known to go into shops and spend an hour or two in the candle/home goods section searching for just the right one. My usual go to brands are Village Candle Company and Home Basics. I bought a flame less wax burner about a year ago and use that in addition to my chosen candles. I usually burn lightly scented ones with names like "Clean Linen" or "Clean Cotton" but if I'm writing a romantic piece I usually go for rose, honeysuckle, or lighter florals. Just comes to personal preference.
*At the moment I've got one called Moonlight burning, it's a musky outdoor scent with undertones of tobacco and leather with a light floral top note. As for the wax warmer it's one called "Stressless" Perfect for MaryLou and Clay I thought.*

2. I create a playlist - I usually use music to get into my characters heads or set the scene/tone of whatever I'm writing. I try not to give too many hints as to what the plot's about but sometimes it can't be helped. I go by personal taste but I can also get a feel for my character by what I choose as well.
*MaryLou's more into the softer songs whereas Clay's into the harder hitters but that's soon to change.*

3. I swear by tea - Again, just personal preference but I find myself switching out which teas I drink as to what I'm writing. This one I've been alternating between green tea with lemon and Earl Grey.

4. Research And Wine - Writing those more "intimate" scenes can be tricky, I'm by no means an expert. Research...and wine but never together. Now, truth be told I haven't had a drink in over six months but if I find my story taking a turn into those more intimate waters I usually research a bit on positions (thank you Karma Sutra!), look at my character's astrological sign (also handy as to how they'll react during those close moments), set up a saucy playlist (although not always), and pour myself a small glass of wine. ( we're talking juice glass size here. Usually Arbor Mist or Taylor's dry or cream Sherry.)
*I've yet to get to that scene yet but it's coming and I'm feeling a mellow sweet red would work, suggestions are always welcome!*

I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two things but I will gladly share them when they hit me. Do you have any rituals you go through when you're writing? I'd love to hear them.

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Post by Wolfy on Sun Mar 23, 2014 10:35 am

I love your list of routine rituals for writing, thank you for sharing them. I don't suppose I have been paying attention to the things I always do, or the things that remain the same each time I sit down to write, but I'll try to list a few things below. I hadn't considered candles or anything scented for certain pieces! but I'll definitely be doing something like that from now on. I reckon it must help a fair amount. I do, however, light some incense shortly before I sit down to start writing; maybe that counts?

Incense Sticks — I do this almost every other day anyway so it isn't specific only to writing sessions. I do actually spend a short while choosing which scent might best fit the mood and acknowledge, somewhere in the back of my mind, what would be of inspiration.

English Breakfast Tea — If there are none of these teabags sitting about our kitchen, I will just opt for a regular cup of tea and it can damage my writing ability, believe it or not. This is always the brand I choose when I want to push myself into writing a story (or even just making a start on one.)

Playlist Shuffle — This one is definitely routine for me and without background music whilst I'm writing, it just won't happen. Of course, this depends entirely on the piece I am trying to write. Sometimes instrumental music works best, but sometimes music with lyrics is of great help. And I always press shuffle and let itunes pick which song plays when; it's more fun that way.

At the moment, I cannot think of other rituals, but when I do, I'll be sure to list them! Smile

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