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Post by Wolfy on Thu May 01, 2014 11:17 am

None of these icons were made by me, but I love browsing for something new; most of 'em are stock:—

Livejournal Icons ColorfulLivejournal Icons MagicalLivejournal Icons 80Livejournal Icons 84Livejournal Icons 97

Livejournal Icons 68WayLivejournal Icons 76Livejournal Icons 46PurpleLivejournal Icons 17181297Livejournal Icons Apart

Livejournal Icons MusicLivejournal Icons Fs0315h2o003Livejournal Icons Fs0315h2o027Livejournal Icons Fs0315h2o069Livejournal Icons 0224s54h2o030

Livejournal Icons 0224s54h2o042Livejournal Icons 201no2GingerbreadMenWhiteRedLivejournal Icons 180no7MixedBerriesHeartLivejournal Icons 12no1AutumnThreesBenchLivejournal Icons Basic178no1CandlesGold

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