Happy Yorkshire Day!

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Happy Yorkshire Day! Empty Happy Yorkshire Day!

Post by Maggie on Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:09 am

Happy Yorkshire Day! Yorkshire_rose

Couldn't help myself so I made a post. Sharing the above Yorkshire Rose in honor of it being Yorkshire Day. Not entirely sure how one celebrates it,perhaps with Yorkshire puddings or a good ale? I haven't a clue and I apologize. Wishing a very happy one to all the lurkers out there none the less. Little side note; My familial roots are so spread around the UK that I wouldn't be surprised if I had family there somehow. Although most of my family; at least on my Dad's side are from Devon, although they were "travelers" or tinkerers of sorts most likely potters or crockery makers so you never know. Very Happy So, what about you? Any family in the area? Been there? Anything interesting bits of info?

Happy Yorkshire Day! 14613309278_dddd0edbbf

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