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Summary: Candice and Jack have been friends since art school, almost inseparable but just as things seem to be going right the bubble bursts leaving them with no other choice but to pick up and move house clear across the country. A cross country trek back home to the East Coast brings them closer than ever before.

Sometimes free spirits have to soar.



Cast of Characters:

Shealeen "Shea" Harrison - Candy's best friend and her voice of reason when it comes to many things. Matters of the heart are her specialty. Writer/ food blogger by day party animal by night. Very rarely speaks of her conquests of the bedroom variety. Is rumored to be dating an actor who jets between LA and New York but she's mum on who it is.

Candice "Candy" Murphy - Would be writer and shutter bug extraordinaire. Shea's best friend and her biggest cheerleader. Has been known to dance on tables and lose track of her shoes after a few drinks. She's been known to help our boy Jack pick up the pieces after a break up. Child minder and dog walker by day.

Jack Culver - Also known as the Jolly Green Giant. Has a degree in fine art but hasn't used it. Secretly wants to put the moves on Candy but just doesn't seem to have the stones. Is Candy's other shoulder to cry on when she's been dumped. Very much a dog person. Spends his days working at the local organic community garden.

"Mr. Q " - Shea's jet setting actor man. She's very hesitant to reveal his identity. Only the following is known about him; he's an Aries, he's got a love of theater, and he's played Dracula. Oh, and he's got a sweet tooth. Like major. He's also thinking about proposing to dear sweet Shea.

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