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Post by Wolfy on Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:02 pm

Every bruise that tainted the girls fair skin was covered well by the sleeves of her jacket and whenever they would slide up her arms, she hastily yanked them back down, gripping the material tight between her fingers and palms. As today did involve venturing out and travelling the brief train journey to visit one of her closest friends, she fretted with every second that passed, fearing people would notice her unwillingness to remove her outerwear, as well as her want to keep the cuffs of her sleeves as low as possible. Though her panic stirred all manner of turmoil within, no one did bat an eyelash or question her odd behaviour. The only problem that would arise would be when she arrived at her friend’s home and it became too warm to keep the jacket so close around her frame.

“Are yer tha’ cold? On a day like this?” those were the first words out of his mouth as she knocked on his door and he almost immediately answered, greeting her with that infamous charming smile.

“Yea— think I’m starting to come down with something. Maybe I should go home and drop in another time?” she may have appeared almost too hopeful in her pondering, what with the expression she wore, but he said nothing and simply ushered her inside his home. “.... if you insist.”

“I ‘aven’t seen yer for days, Vi. ‘Am not ‘bout to let yer just toddle off back home so soon,” he responded, tossing the girl a wink as he gently smacked her behind so she jumped about a foot in the air and kept moving.

“Was there really any need...” she mumbled, shuffling through the hall and collapsing on the sofa in the living area. “I’ve no idea what you have planned for today, but I hope it doesn’t involve going out.”

The girl watched his expression fall and it resembled almost that of the sun dropping beneath the horizon at the end of the day; that familiar warm feeling dissipating as it went. It was not the norm for him to wear such a frown— a pout perhaps, but never something that looked as though he wanted to commit murder. Or, perhaps she was reading too much into it and he had actually planned a full day out for the pair of them, only to have her turn her nose up at it. With that knowledge, she could understand the grouchy look he was giving her.

“You know... you can go out for a few hours if you like. I’ll still be here when you get back, maybe spend the night or something,” she hoped that suggestion would shift his mood back to what it was, to hear she had basically invited herself to spend the night at his house, but it didn’t seem all that likely.

An’ just why would I go wanderin’ ‘bout on my own like a sad git?” he retorted, flopping down on the sofa beside her and sighing so dramatically, she couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.

“Em, it really isn’t it all that bad, you know? I do it all the time an’ the people are nice enough ‘round ‘ere— they are mostly old folk anyway, so all the lovely one’s,” she tossed a wink toward him as he had her only moments before, but finally understood that nothing she said would make much of a difference.

It was a truth acknowledged between the pair of them that if they were in one another’s company, neither would be setting foot out of the door without the other. And yet, she wanted him to enjoy himself even though she wasn’t feeling much up for anything that particular day. Some days were fine and dandy, but others dragged her down so low, she did not wish to talk to anyone, nor did she have the energy or the will to move about.

“Is there somethin’ wrong, Vi? Yer never seem to want to go anywhere with me lately an’ I feel like ‘ave done somethin’ to upset yer, but I ‘ave no idea what cause even if I did ask, like now, yer wouldn’t spit it out,” the blonde rolled his head to the side so he could fix his eyes on her, awaiting a response.

"There's nothing wrong— I just don't feel like going anywhere today, but I think you could go have fun without me around," she stated, not so willing to drop the subject and allow him to dwell on the negatives, which he was more or less prone to doing.

"Easy for yer to say when am the one who would 'ave to go out on his own, like. I carn believe yer dun want to go anywhere," he was still a little miffed by her sourpuss attitude, but shrugged it off soon after he had spoken, to save further trouble.

"It's not that I don't want to— it's just... well, I would rather hang around here today, is all," she settled her nerves over that tiny white lie knowing it wasn't too terrible and she looked his way, she made a note of the fact that he was watching her with curiosity as she spoke, almost as though he was placing together pieces of a puzzle and would soon come up with the answer he had been searching for.

"Yer not the best liar in the world, are yer? why dun yer just tell us what the problem is an' we cun try an' work it out, then go 'ave a fun time along the prom an' the pier, eh?" the blonde was watching her still, eyes narrow as though it would frighten her into revealing what was really wrong.

"Nevermind— how about we just cancel today and I'll drop in sometime next week instead?" she suggested, heaving herself up off of the sofa and trudging back out into the hall, heading directly for the front door. "You're not really understanding that I don't wish to go anywhere, so I'll come back at a later date, if that's all right."

Violet did not quite make it to the door before she was grabbed around the wrist so she could go no further. Only, the low hiss that slipped passed her lips caught his attention and he tilted his head to one side, tugging gently on her arm so she would step closer, but she wanted to be as far away from him as possible. Her eyes would not meet his, no matter how hard he tried to gain her attention and with one final tug on her wrist, he frowned at the look of pure agony that danced across her face.

"Vi, wha'... " they were the only words he managed to free as he chose to step closer himself, allowing her to remain where she was, but keeping a hold of her wrist as he neared.

Though the girl did open her mouth to spew a load of complaints as she felt the material of her jacket being peeled back over her forearm, nothing but a small whimper came out, which she quickly tried to stifle with the sleeve in the palm of her other hand. The ascent was agonisingly slow, but the distinct sound of a gasp, followed shortly afterward by a growl, did not go amiss. The girl knew she should have told him sooner, or at least attempted to communicate regarding the harsh beatings she had been receiving as of late, but being the soft-spoken, quiet as a mouse type she was, hadn't even found the courage to tell her family, let alone one of her closest friends.

She watched as he rolled up her other sleeve, to find similar markings that resembled deep purple blotches, which clashed horribly with her pale skin. It was in that moment, that she lost her voice and had absolutely no idea what to say to him, or how she would even apologise for not telling him sooner, because there was no doubt in her mind that he would have wanted to know. Even if just to guide her through her struggles, knowing she would never want any of this getting out there into the world and that, despite his protests, she would never wish to approach any kinf od authority regarding any of horrible incidents she endured almost every other day in the workplace.

"Yer dun need me to tell yer how pissed off I am tha' yer thought it was all right not to tell me 'bout any of this. But I will tell yer one thing, Vi, whoever has been doin' this to yer will end up far worse if I ever get my 'ands on 'em," the absolute fury building behind his eyes started her into backing away and as a result, he altered his temperament and pulled her swiftly into an embrace, pulling her face into his chest as gentle sobs shook her body.

"I'm sorry— I'm so sorry, Em. I had no idea how to tell anyone what was happening, because I know that near enough everyone will have me report it and I know I should but... that's more than I'm prepared to handle right now and I just..." she rambled for a little while, as he held the back of her hand and offered hushed words of comfort as the two swayed back and forth in the middle of the hallway.

"We'll find a way to get it sorted, Vi. I just wish yer could trust others a little more, 'cause this kinda thing carn be 'appenin' all the time. Whoever it is will get shit on one day an' I'd love to be the one to make their life 'ell for puttin' yer through so much. I love yer an' I hope yer remember tha' the next time anyone lays their hands on yer," the Welsh lad spoke fondly of her, just as he always had and that did, regardless of everything that had happened over the last few months, spark a brand new mindset.

"I love you, too, Em. I'm sorry I'm so complicated... I just don't like causing more trouble than I'm worth," she sighed, burrowing her face into the crook of his neck as his chin rested atop her head.

"Yer worth more than yer think an' yer need to remember wha' is important— an' tha' is yerself, so dun go 'round thinkin' the whole world has it in for yer. It's just unfortunate tha' there are so many shite people in it."

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Post by Maggie on Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:13 am

I'm not crying, I swear. My face is just leaking, I officially ship these two so damn hard it's not even funny! Please tell me you're going to continue this, the bond between them my lord, I can't. Words have escaped me. A++++++ work my dear. :-)

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