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Post by Wolfy on Sun May 31, 2015 7:22 pm


Beep, beep.

Beep, beep, beep.

The sound continued until the young woman skidded back into the room, almost smacking face first into the wall as she went, but somehow managed to still her forward advances in that particular direction. Flipping open the lid of her laptop, she gawked at the screen for a moment, feeling the familiar flush of her face. Her internet fling had sent several sentences, all of which were borderline raunchy in nature, but none of which prepared her for the image he sent immediately after he had finished speaking. In all his glory, he stood in the shower, though the only part of his body that was not visible was his face and a guttural growl sounded in her throat at that.

Deducing he was either too unattractive to send a photograph of his face, or was simply too shy about it, she chose to let those messages linger for a short while. Pondering over them still as she wandered about the house, tidying bits here and there, a grin broke out onto her face when she finally decided it might be an option to meet with him, as he was a local lad, according to his profile. But how to request such a thing from someone you barely knew, thoug had been up late with every single night, chatting about all manner of things, for a couple of months. Even her best friend had not been informed of this playful banter, purely because she knew not how to talk about it.

Can we meet? I feel as though I have known you a lifetime and we talk about such personal matters, though have not really known one another all that long. It would be fun to see what you're like in person.

Pressing enter on the keyboard took an awful lot of guts, but after a minor pep talk with herself, she managed. Only then, she wound up nervously biting at the tips of her nails as she sat by the laptop, anxiously awaiting whatever his answer may be to her rather bold suggestion. It seemed more than likely he would decline, as they hadn't even known one another for six months yet, ergo providing them with more concern for their well being, should one or the other turn out to be someone they are not. It was a safe assumption to make, but when another beep sounded through the room and she hurriedly read over his words, her heart thumped wildly in her chest.

I would love to meet you, babe. I feel the same way and we definitely know we'll get along, after all this time and after all the conversations we've been having for months. I'm game. Just tell me when and where.

A rumble sounded in her throat, soon turning into a squawk of laughter as she bounced up and down on the spot. It was a rarity that anyone online ever wanted to meet up with her and as this was someone who might even be a potential mate, her luck was proving all the more beautiful an experience. Clapping her hands together repeatedly like a baby seal, she grinned from ear to ear and quickly sat back down to arrange locations, times and whatnot with a guy who could, just maybe, be the one she had been waiting for all this time. And once all was sorted and both parties agreed on one week to that day, she signed out and immediately raced out of her house.

Her best friend absolutely had to know what was going on because he so often wore a miserable expression whenever she wore the same, believing that she deserved to find happiness and that it should come along sooner rather than later. Well, now it had and she was bursting as she knocked rather loudly on his door. The blonde greeted her with a look of horror as he almost yanked the door off its hinges with the strength he had used, thinking that maybe something terrible had happened. But no, his concern soon slipped away when he caught sight of her gleaming smile and inability to stand still. Chuckling, he stepped aside and welcomed her in.

“'Am just dyin' to find out wha' 'as gone on this time,” he rose a brow, folding his arms over his chest as he chose to lean against the wall, whilst she settled herself at the island in the kitchen.

“Well— long story short, I might have found the man of my dreams and will probably be meeting him very soon,” she all but squeaked, clasping her hands over her mouth as ripples of giggles poured out of it.

She watched his face as he was given the delightful news and made note of the fact that he didn't look as pleased as she had originally expected. Brows furrowing now, she dropped her hands and opened her mouth to say something more, but he cut her off with a horrendous amount of questions, all revolving around this mystery guy so he would be able to gauge what kind of bloke he was. Evidently, if he didn't sound good enough to her friend, then he certainly wasn't good enough for her. The idea behind that was sweet, but she answered every single question without any complaints until all prior tension had dissolved into something else.

“Vi— he sounds like an okay guy but, like, how are yer gonna know it's him when yer meet?” he asked, fully intent on making sure this potential relationship she had her mind set on, was not something that would hurt her.

“Oh, we both shared our deepest darkest secrets and we're to correctly reiterate what we were told when we chatted about it online,” she answered, once again smiling brightly in his direction as the plan was foolproof.

An' wha' were those dark secrets yer shared with each other, Vi?” he continued to quiz her, though his voice had lowered considerably, as though uncertain of what he was saying or why he was saying it.

The girl paused a moment and silence surrounded them. Looking back up into his face after momentarily preoccupying herself with the polish chipping off of her nails at a snails pace, she caught something in his eyes that she hadn't seen before. Wonder filled her, but she didn't broach the subject. He looked as though he was either about to dart out of the kitchen at any moment, or rush over and envelope her in a cuddle. She didn't know which he was all the more likely to do in the current situation and she felt unnerved.

“Well, he said that when he was really young, he stole his gran's favourite scarf and she spent months looking for it, never knowing that he had taken it and would sometimes go out wearing it beneath his shirt,” she said, giggling a little at the thought of such a thing happening.

But her amusement fell right through as her friends eyes bugged, almost popping out of his head. He seemed to choke a little on air as he held his hand to his chest and slowly walked over to her, all trace of hilarity gone. Though it came racing back as he reached her and in less than a second, invaded her personal space by spinning her on the chair until she was facing him. With a firm grip on her thighs, he separated her legs so he could stand between them and yanked her, as well as the chair, closer to him. Her face was an absolute sight to see, but still he continued with what were, to him, more important matters. Swiftly, yet slowly in her mind at time seemed to stand still then and there, he dove right in and kissed the life right out of her.

“Wh...” she blurted out, as soon as he removed his lips off of hers and her hands rested on his shoulders.

Yer did say the first thing yer wanted the guy to do when he met yer was pull yer into a heated kiss tha' would stun yer into silence, did yer not?” he grinned, keeping his hold on her legs, watching her eyes dance back and forth and delighting in the blush that slowly covered her cheeks.

“—you...” was all she managed to get out, as he swooped in for another kiss.

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Post by Maggie on Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:47 am

*dying goose honks of joy* OH.MY. LORD! These two I swear are going to be the death of me! The fluff I love it! You've made my Monday, Wolfy you really have. :-D My feels for these two are just too much right now!

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