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Post by Wolfy on Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:28 pm

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Hel had already downed three bottles of bud before her crazed other half came bounding up those winding stairs and into the back bedroom. Neither one of them lived here and thankfully, the owners, whoever they were, had been out of town for at least a couple of weeks. They were not expected here for another few days, at the very least and her fella had deemed it a wise idea to do this now, when it could well have been done and dusted the first day the family had gone. Safety was a priority, and he knew exactly how she felt about breaking and entering, but he didn’t care. A part of him doubted their relationship would last very long with how much they differed in their hobbies, but he recounted all of the opportunities she had in leaving him - yet was still very much a part of his life.

 Downing the remainder of that bottle, she sat it down alongside the others on the floor and turned - her eyes catching his as he stormed in through the doorway and over to the other door; somewhere he was having difficulty finding his way into. The door operated via a mechanism that was inbuilt, on the opposing side of the steel door that had, somehow, been clamped shut since the family left and he was practically pulling his braids out in frustration, having tried near enough everything to find his way in. Of course, as per usual, his girl had chosen to sit this one out and was currently lounging as a porcelain doll would, on the surprisingly soft and flouncy mattress a few feet away. She was not, in the slightest bit, tipsy - though she had finished the four pack they picked up hours ago.

 Kicking at the steel would do him no good and he would not get in there any faster, but his brain, in all its glory, or lack thereof, pushed him to keep on doing it until his ankle began to hurt. A string of all the curses known to mankind leaked out of his mouth in various different tones as he tried again, no longer able to feel his foot with the force at which he had rammed it against the door. That room was akin to the inner workings of a safe itself and the sooner he realised that, the better off they would be and she would find little reason to bitch at him for being a complete wanker all the time. As her head began to buzz a little from the alcohol intake, she focused on the sounds that came out of his mouth, immediately bursting into a fit of giggles as she fell back fully on the mattress, howling.

 “Is this shit funny to you, huh?” he barked, crossing the room and standing over her as she lay still - finding it incredibly difficult to focus her eyes on him as he moved closer. Her laughter doubled when he got close enough for her to see the permanent scowl he had been wearing, since he discovered it was impossible to get into that room unless there was someone in there already to open it, or you knew coding well enough to override the system and open it from the outside. “Get the fuck up, bitch, I’m tired of you not doing shit and dragging your ass along all the damn time. You need to start being helpful and doing your fucking bit,” he growled, leaning forward to hover over her frame, then yanking painfully on loose locks of her hair so she had no choice but to look up at him.

 “Of course it’s funny; it’s actually hilarious that you seem to think you know everything and that y o u are somehow gonna find a way in there, because you’re mister fucking perfect who just can’t do any wrong, no matter what. Fuck you and your braids, J—face it, you have no idea how to get in there and like last time, we’re gonna be stuck here till dawn waiting for you to accept that,” she snapped back - no longer condoning his temper, his ignorance of his once in a blue moon abuse. Her words did not seem to phase him much, though the back of his hand did collide momentarily with her cheek and a screech that doubled as the wailing of a banshee left her mouth. A struggle broke out then, with legs and arms flailing about as they both fought for dominance over the other.

 “Don’t you ever fuckin’ talk to me like that and think you can get away with it,” he spat, gaining a firm grip on her wrists and using his weight to pin her to the bed. The fight in her remained for a little over a few minutes before she finally gave up, succumbing to his strength, as well as that familiar look in his eyes when she, at last, settled her eyes directly above her and noticed - much to her delight - that he was gradually leaning down toward her. “Don’t—” he began, lowering further between every word that left his mouth, “ever.. talk to me like that,” his nose bumped gently against hers, “or I’ll fuckin’ kill you,” he rasped, knocking the wind out of her as he refused to hold his body off of her any longer and met her halfway with a bruising kiss; nips and bites silencing every noise she made thereafter.

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