Seven Minutes In.... Trickery?

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Seven Minutes In.... Trickery? Empty Seven Minutes In.... Trickery?

Post by Wolfy on Thu Dec 17, 2015 10:06 pm

It took all of a few seconds for the woman to lay back and relax, surrounded by mountains of bubbles in a steaming hot bath that was quite possibly the most wonderful thing she had experienced in months. Travelling from one hotel to the next with a group of three men and their tech crew was as much of a challenge as it sounded and she had fallen into that trap on account of branching out and doing something different for a change. Photography was a bloody difficult business to succeed in, given the endless amounts of folk whom also wanted to pursue it as a lifelong dream, so finding work that paid well enough and kept her cupboards stocked for more than a week at a time was nigh impossible. That was until she landed a role as an assistant to the Mars' boys, in the background and out of shot, naturally.

' Hel, you gotta come see this, he's snooping through all your clothes ! ' called a voice, one she recognised as belonging to the older sibling of the group and without much thought, she hopped up out of the boiling tub, deftly dried herself off with a towel and tossed on a very long, baggy shirt, no doubt belonging to one of them.

' What's this now ? Someone is rummaging through all my belongings ? ' she yelped, skidding across the narrow hallway and toward the sound of laughter, until she stood in her own room, hands on her hips.

' Oh.. sorry, were you showering ? ' the older sibling asked, cocking his head to one side before diverting his attention back to the closet and the loud bangs coming from inside, as though someone was trying to break out. ' Anyway, yea, Jared thought it would be fun to go looking through your stuff because.. well, I guess he was bored, sorry. '

With a huff, the brunette stomped toward the closet doors without noticing how close the other sibling was trailing her, until he all but shoved her into the small space the moment she opened the doors to start yelling at his younger brother. Colliding painfully with the males chest, she rubbed at her chin and offered a small apology, before realising it was he who should be apologising to her for having taken it upon himself to raid what belonged to her. He had absolutely no right, even though she had been secretive about her personal life, to a degree, she had no idea what he was hoping to find out about her by looking through clothes that she wore. Really, if he was wanting to know details, he should have checked elsewhere.

' You complete arse ! What the fuck are you doing going through my stuff ? Is there nothing sacred around you three ? Argh, ' she yelped, raising her hands and slapping his chest once or twice to get her point across. ' And don't be so quiet about it. You're in here, so you've obviously no way of getting out of this one. You're neck deep in it this time. '

' Honestly, this isn't the kind of person I am and you should know that by now. You've been touring with us for near seven months and you think I would do something so low ? Fuck, you don't learn much do you. Is it all about the money and not caring about who you're working with, or working for... because that's what this is. You work for us and if you want to be a bitch about it and toss around accusations so easily, we can drop you just like that. I don't have time for this shit. '

Snicking on the other side of the closet doors caught both of their attention and though they continued to scowl at one another, the amused words from the older sibling standing right up against the door so they could hear, had both their mouths dropping open in shock. Shannon had a habit of being a pain, but she had never known him to take it this far; nor had his younger brother known him to do such a thing. This was way out of his comfort zone, as far as pranks went.

' You have as long as you need to get yourself out of there, because until you do, this lock is staying on the door so neither of you are going to leave. Here's what you're going to have to do, and there is to be no use of hands involved.. in that area, but you can hold on to each other if you so wish, ' he stated, pausing briefly to release a bellow of a laugh. ' Jared, it's all up to you, bud. If you can guess the type and colour of her underwear, you can both come out, or you're stuck in there for the rest of the trip. Have at it and please, don't be killing each other in there. I don't wanna be cleaning up bloodshed. '

' Well, this is just a wonderful end to a wonderful evening, ' she whined, already finding it difficult to see the male as there was not, unfortunately, a lightbulb anywhere in this closet anymore. Shannon had obviously prepared the whole thing when they were all downstairs in the foyer earlier that afternoon. ' How the fuck are we going to do this.. and how the hell is he even going to know if you're telling the truth and that I didn't just tell you myself ? '

' I guess he has a recorder or something in here just for that, knowing him. If he's going to go all out and make damn sure he gets his own way, then he's going to do it right, Hel. Anyway, as much as you don't want to be stuck in here all night to wake up with a stiff neck in the morning, neither do I, so let's get this over with. '

' Fine, guess away, ' she slumped back against one side of the closet, heart thundering in her chest when she finally realised her mistake, in that she wasn't actually wearing any underwear at all. Gulping back her nerves, she fell silent.

' Thong ? ' he asked, a tone to his voice suggestive of the fact that he was hopeful she might say yes.

' God no, do I really seem the type to walk around with a piece of material stuck up my butt all day ? ' she scoffed.

' All right, jeez. Boyshorts ? ' he tried again, quirking a brow though she was unable to see his expressions.

' I say no to a thong so you immediately think I'm wearing the feminine version of boxers ? I don't think so. '

' Woman, you're not making this any easier on me. Let's try colour and see if we get there any quicker. Red ? '

' Oh how cliché, ' she laughed, rolling her tongue until a soft tsk tumbled over her open lips.

' Black ? ' again, he tried for another, the possibility that they were black lingering in his filthy mind a little too longer, encouraging him to list off a string of different colours with her stopping him at the right one, in mind. ' Yellow ? Pink ? Blue ? Peach ? White ? '

To every colour he listed off, she shook her head before realising he couldn't see her in the darkness of the closet, so each were swiftly met with a resounding no and a heavy sigh at the end, from both of them, when it seemed he had given up. And as if his sigh was not enough to properly demonstrate how royally pissed off and impatient he was, he growled and took a step toward her, grabbing at her hips and drawing a jolting gasp from her now quivering lips.

' I give up with the colours for now. Let's go back to type.. jump up and lock your legs around my waist so I can see if touch makes it any easier to guess, ' he suggested, not missing her vocal surprise at his actions or his words. ' Come on, we have all night as Shan said but I really don't wanna be stuck in here that long. It's not good for my back. '

Following what were, to her, orders, she gripped his shoulders just enough to hoist herself up until her legs met and locked around his waist, the pressure she felt there kindling with every movement on his part, though he was trying desperately not to move too much, for fear of forgetting what the purpose of this sudden alteration was. Dropping her head back, thankful he could not see a damn thing, just as she couldn't, a soft groan parted her lips and she felt his fingers grip her waist tighter in response; perhaps it was automatic, something he did by default given their current position.

' This is ridiculous. I'm going to fucking kill him when we get out of here. Can't you give me a clue ? Did he say we were allowed to do that ? Fuck ! ' he cursed, thumping a nearby box with his foot and attaining a stronger grip around her waist as he moved forward, giving her the wall to lean her back against whilst he held her up. ' Briefs ? '

' Oh come on, now you're just being mean, ' she would have laughed that one off, but the only sound that came out of her mouth as he wriggled his hips to better gauge the material of whatever underwear she was wearing, was another moan, and that one he did hear, quite well. It sparked something other than a tightening of his fingers around her hips, however, when the bulge tucked away tight in his pants expanded and hardened, retaliating to her innocent little noises. ' Is there nothing else you can think of ? Anything at all ? You might as well go through every colour of the rainbow and every knicker style you know of otherwise we're never getting out of here before the sun comes up, Jared. '

' If I didn't know any better, I'd be inclined to say you're not wearing any at all, ' a rumble sounded in his chest and as before, he shook his head, though she could just about make that out as they were now closer together. A gulp lodged in her throat and as it took so long for her to push it down, he heard that as well, when it finally descended. ' You're... not wearing any are you ? ' his voice was husky, rough and unprepared for the inevitable fact he knew was coming.

' I.. I was taking a bath when Shannon told me what was going on. I didn't... I just tossed on this shirt because I thought you were rummaging through all my stuff and that's just fucking rude and I.. ' she rambled, the first tears of shame pooling in her eyes before a sniffle followed shortly after, which he also noticed.

Bringing one hand up from her hip as she was now secure between him and the closet wall, the musician settled his fingers around the back of her neck, lowering her head so he could be sure their faces were level with one another and leaned in. A soft yelp of bewilderment passing from her mouth, into his, as he added some force and crushed her now between himself and the barrier behind her, moulding her into the plaster almost. Both his hands left her hips and he, instead, used his own to keep her exactly where he wanted her. Going off of the revelation she finally tossed at him, he propelled those hips forward just enough to entice further sounds from deep within her gut, appeased by those more than anything else.

' Maybe I won't kill Shan when we get out of this, ' he breathed, pulling away with her lower lip caught between his teeth and a naughty little grin on his handsome face. ' Maybe I should buy him cake for sticking us both in here. '

' Make sure it's a Chocolate Gateau, complete with a cherry on top, for being extra conniving, ' she chuckled, leaning in to claim back her lip that he refused to release, only to find he didn't want to end the kiss.

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Seven Minutes In.... Trickery? Empty Re: Seven Minutes In.... Trickery?

Post by Maggie on Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:11 am

Ahh! I loved this one! I can't even with the words right now.Can I just adopt these two already? My first thought was oh lord this won't end well but the whole locking them in the closet was pure genius! ( I do have to admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Shannon..I don't even know why? Embarassed ) Although I do have to admit if things got any hotter in that closet it would have to classified as a sauna from then on. I loved this so freaking much!

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