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An awkward atmosphere fell into place as it dawned on the pair of them that they actually used to know one another back when they were kids and right throughout their school years. If there was one thing the girl had not prepared for in this line of work, it was coming face to face with someone she once had strong ties with in childhood friendship. Now, only twenty three and having had such a hard time finding work that wouldn't have others frowning, she wound up a private dancer and it made her quite a bit of money. There was nothing as degrading as being referred to as a piece of juicy steak with legs and a feather boa, but she made so because she had to, not so much because it was a lifelong dream of hers to become the greatest stripper in every state all over the world. It was just one of those things that helped you get by in life when you were either down in the dumps or just couldn't find anyone to hire you.

“So yer a stripper?” he asked, tilting the wine glass further back so he could swallow the rest of the liquid.

“We prefer the term Private Dancer,” she answered, mimicking his actions and downing the rest of her own wine before standing. “I guess I'll be on my way now, then. I'm sorry this happened, but if I had known, you know I wouldn't have come.”

Lloyd jumped up from his chair and padded over to the door of the hotel room, standing before it as though to indicate she wasn't going to be going anywhere just yet. In all fairness, he had spent up calling for a girl to show him a good time and had yet to pay her for whatever routine she kept him occupied with throughout the night, so she took that into consideration. Standing there, her coat still wrapped tightly around her frame to shield the outfit she wore beneath it, she fell silent for a few moments and weighed up her options. It was either stick around and do something she actually enjoyed for a bit of cash, or slink back to her apartment and risk being collared by the landlord who she owed four weeks rent to. Money wasn't an easy thing to come by if you didn't have talent enough for what it was you longed to do in life and that was the predicament the girl found herself in over and over again, with no real way out of it.

“I would rather yer stayed a little while, actually. It gets pretty lonely in these places when yer all alone,” he stated, no hidden meaning behind his words nor written within the expression on his face, so she decided to spend some time with him.

“Alright, I think I will stay a little while, seeing as you went out of your way for company and all,” she smiled, guiding him back to his chair with one hand and pushing gently until he took a seat. “I owe you a good time, after all.”

A flicker of a grin appeared on his lips before his expression turned solemn once more as he was still in awe of the fact that he knew this girl and the memories they shared were of happier times for him. Every thought that popped into his head was of the two of them frolicking about the promenade and pier on a summers day and tormenting the life out of the seagulls with doughnuts or a bag of chips they had bought from the local fish and chip restaurant. With time, though, they had drifted apart and whilst he went on to tour around the United Kingdom in theatre productions, she appeared to have fallen into a less than pleasant job. He wished he could help her out in some way but figured that would be overstepping boundaries and with them not having spoken in years, he couldn't tell whether or not this was actually something she enjoyed doing, or something she wished there was a way out of, no matter what it was.

“Faline is what you'll call me, while I'm here,” she spoke up, pulling a disc from the pocket of her coat and slipping it into the player resting on a coffee table nearby. “We're not allowed to give our actual names and though you already know mine, I'd rather be professional about this, if that's alright with you.”

“I 'ave no problem with tha', Faline” he chuckled, a twinkle in his eyes as he watched her move with grace around the chair on which he sat before once again standing directly in front of him.

His lips were pursed together as though to hold inside any unnecessary remarks, and to simply prevent him from catching flies should she do something that had his jaw nose-dive toward the floor. Both of which were highly likely as he had found an even stronger voice within himself over the years and was no longer fearful of sharing his thoughts or showing his emotions. All of his worries came rising to the surface and he thought he may very well burst into flames as she shrugged the overly large coat from her shoulders, revealing the rainbow coloured outfit she wore beneath it. There was red, yellow, green, brown, scarlet, black, ochre, peach, ruby, olive, violet and fawn mingled together and creating quite a flurry of a colour combination. Eyes rose to meet hers as she stood there with her arms hanging loose at her sides as though waiting for approval or any sign at all that he liked the two piece she was modelling for him. A friend of a friend had informed her prior to her acceptation of his request by telephone that he had recently starred in Joseph.

“A friend told me you've been touring as Joseph so.. I figured this might be well suited,” she confessed, her cheeks flushing a little.

Tha' I 'ave and yer certainly know how to keep the mood heightened, gotta give yer props for tha', like” he beamed, tossing her a wink as if to say he approved more than she could imagine and that was all she really wanted from him in order to continue.

“In that case—“ she started, swirling her hips with all the motions of a serpent as she moved forward a little more until she stood directly between his legs. “This outfit of many colours will keep you entertained for hours, even if I don't.”

“I dun doubt yer abilities for one minute, Vi... uh, Faline” he quickly corrected himself, fearing it might ruin the atmosphere otherwise, but she hurriedly rewarded him by turning and lowering herself down until she rested a few inches above his lap.

If there was one thing did admire about this particular career path an awful lot of women felt confined to, it was that no client was allowed to lay their hands on the dancers and it didn't half save an ungodly amount of trouble. She had known a girl who broke a man's wrist pulling his filthy hands out from beneath the thin material of her underwear but she had been the one to pay for it. Her salary was docked for two months because the courts decided it was fair game if a dancer got close enough for the men to touch and that was one thing the girl prayed would never happen to her. To lose that amount of money over an unruly client just didn't sit well with her and she had no one to fall back on if anything went wrong, so she would be stuck without a place to live, no food and no water, for as long as the courts chose to keep her from dancing. It didn't always end up that way, though, but for those who'd had it happen, it was a horrible experience to try and deal with and when you didn't have many friends looking out for you, it was made even worse.

“I keep thinkin' how yer were never the type to open yer mouth over unfair judgement an' yet 'ere yer are, half naked an' tormenting the life out of me by hoverin' a few inches above my lap,” he acknowledged, trying to refrain from reaching out to grab a hold as she began her routine, gliding on air from left to right and swivelling her hips in every direction, so much so, it made him a little dizzy.

“I'm still that girl, but when it comes to making a living and not knowing how else to do so, I do what I have to do,” she informed him.

A pang of sympathy flooded through him at those words and he longed once more to free her from the strain of having to get naked and put on a show for men who didn't know how to entertain themselves. It had him feeling guilty and saddened that she probably believed him to be one of those men now, too, and no amount of denying it would prove him innocent. After all, he had called for a bit of fun from one of the local private dancers and that, in turn, made him no better than all the others who did the same. But he was different and he didn't want her to think for one minute that he saw her only as a piece of meat who could be tossed aside at any moment; that had never been what he was about and it never would be, especially with long lost friends who appeared again out of nowhere and somewhat by chance. He remembered her well and hoped that once she had done her thing, they could arrange to meet for dinner sometime. His eyes hung on her hips and he felt drugged up as she swayed from one side to the other, barely touching his jeans as she moved.

The soft thump of the music playing in the background stilled his thoughts momentarily and he focused on the words, winding up even more frustrated between the restraint of his tight clothes when he caught the lyrics that floated around the room. They were nothing at all he would have expected her to listen to and might have believed years ago this kind of music didn't even exist in her prim and proper world; but the years could change a person dramatically. And that was one hell of a raunchy song for her to be playing whilst giving him the lapdance of his life. As he had never endured one before, he found himself losing control with every second that passed and the sight of her petite and silky smooth frame gliding over him as it was with her behind in full view. If he had his camera with him, he would have preferred to take snapshots of the beauty in front of him, as opposed to receiving what most men craved after a long day at work. Some men focused only on what a woman could give them, as opposed to what they could give to a woman who seemed in need.

Let me lick you up and down, till you say stop. Let me play with your body baby, make you real hot. Let me do all the things you want me to do, cause tonight baby, I wanna get freaky with you

As those words registered in his brain, he felt his hips thrust in an upward direction and his eyes cloud over with pure lust. Every move she made now was like a drug to his system and though he tried really hard to keep himself in check, he was fighting a losing battle. As she turned to face him now, still swaying every which way for his enjoyment, she lowered herself further until she was straddling one of his legs. This alone caused a growl and when their eyes met, she saw in his how much he seemed to want her in that moment. This built up a gathering of butterflies in her stomach and as she shifted from his thigh, down to his knee and back again very slowly, her insides sprung a leak and a moan passed through her slightly parted lips. If that didn't ruin all hope for the evening, she didn't know what would but because they knew one another and she had often found herself crushing pretty hard, this routine wasn't an easy one. It always brought about the most entetainment for clients, but never herself, because she was never into it with those she didn't like.

The moan was passed off as nothing seeing as he was in his own form of fantasy land with his eyes rolling every so often. This in turn put a hopeful smile on her lips and she gathered herself together enough to cast aside further issues. If another moan made its way out, he was sure to notice it a second time and would probably pull her up over it. In this business, if you couldn't please a client more than you could please yourself, you might as well pack your belongings and find a bridge to live under because you wouldn't get very far. Yet, he wore an expression of absolute bliss and his eyes, she now noticed, had rolled so far back that his eyelids had trouble staying open. Though all of her attention was currently being directed over his leg, he appeared to find a lot of fun in that and his own breathing became ragged. It was a sound she would always listen out for so she knew how well she was doing with any given routine and as that came out in plentiful bursts, she figured she was doing pretty good with him. Weird, though, because they had once been such close friends.

Yer dun get money enough for all this, I reckon... I would pay yer double just for this alone,” he uttered, a lack of control in his voice.

“What I do get is generally enough to keep a roof over my head, so it's never been a problem, really” she explained, agreeing with him in ways but also grateful for the amount she did get at the end of every night.

She deduced that if she was getting enough spends to keep the apartment running and to put food on the table, she was doing a pretty good job. Whereas, just over a year ago, she had almost wound up living on the streets because finding a job that wasn't temporary seemed too out of reach for an undergraduate. They weren't even given a chance, though some employers would often remark that they had all the skills necessary and training was provided. The whole system was cruel and judgemental of those who didn't have a degree to back up the claims they made in their applications and she wanted nothing more than to break down in tears with every rejection that came through the post or through the telephone. There hadn't been a single acceptation letter in all the time she had been trying and it was one of the most nerve-wracking ordeals she had ever been through, aside from stripping to a bare minimum for strange men who she would probably never meet again, or hoped she would never meet again at any time during her life because of the awkwardness.

Shifting positions came as a surprise to him as his head bolted up once more and his eyes bugged at the contact he didn't believe would be a part of this routine, or was even allowed for that matter. As opposed to questioning her actions, however, he simply went along with it as any other red-blooded male would. She had crept up the length of his leg and rested both of her knees on either side of his waist as she sat on him, her arse pressing down on his shaft as she rested there for a moment, albeit fleeting. His fingers dug into the leather material of the chair on which they both now sat and she began to move, slowly, back and forth over the part of him that was twitching violently in response to the attention it was receiving. The fact that she felt every twitch made the experience enjoyable for the both of them, but she wasn't going to mention that and instead, silently basked in the feeling of his happiness, that was currently exposing itself in more ways than one. Her hands clasped around the back of his neck as she held on for dear life so as not to slip off of him and onto the floor.

“Are yer like.. allowed to do all this or is it just cause yer think I deserve special treatment cause 'am yer friend,” he teased, barely able to speak coherently as she continued to grind her backside over his jewels and everything inbetween.

For that remak alone, she pressed down harder and perhaps a little too much as she felt herself descending rapidly and her hands lost their grip as a result, but she didn't quite make it to the carpet. As soon as he felt her sliding down his the length of his body, he raised his arms and clasped his hands tightly on her hips to keep her in place. A look of amusement hung between them and she was thankful he hadn't allowed her to fall, as that would have certainly bruised something or other. It was almost as though he had said something intentionally, to cause her to lose her focus like that and have her fall, just so he could put his hands on her. Though it was a possibility, she wasn't too quick to jump to conclusions and instead, stuck her tongue out in a very unprofessional manner that, had her employers seen it, they would have had her out on her arse in the blink of an eye. One must never be impolite to clients, after all, no matter the relation between themselves and the dancer. Association was frowned upon when it came to emotional bonds but she was more relieved than anything.

“I blame you for that one, throwing me off with that comment and all, keep your lips sealed next time or else I'll end up with a broken arse and you won't be getting any kind of special attention by way of me dancing around,” she warned, though a playful twinkle appeared in her eyes as she looked at him, regarding him with both seriousness and merriment.

Yer right, 'am sorry 'bout tha'... it's just, yer really tempting,” he owned up, though the bulge within his jeans spoke for itself.

“Oh, you don't need to tell me that.. I can see it, clear as day,” she chuckled, at which point she noticed a tinge of red coating his nose.

“It's not my fault..” he uttered, mostly to himself but she heard him well enough, being so close and all. “Do yer want to stop now an' just have a chat or somethin'?”

The girl quickly pushed that idea aside and angled herself on his lap once more, allowing his hands to remain in place should she slip again. Only this time, she raised herself higher until her legs hung over the back of the chair and he had full view of the smiley face imprinted on the front of her underwear. By the look on his face, he didn't know whether to laugh or appear stunned by the oddness of it all and when she flashed a grin his way, he sent exactly the same thing back. With his hands still on her hips to prevent her from facing an accident, she felt more confident in the positions she had planned out for this routine and with her legs over his shoulders, it couldn't get any better for him. The grin that hung on his lips minutes before was still fixed in place and she had no doubts it would take some time to wipe that smug look off of his handsome face. What bloke wouldn't love to have a girl lounge on him in such a way, though? It was plain to see he was loving every second and though she wasn't actually moving just yet, he found himself beginning to fidget.

Each time he would move beneath her to get a little more comfortable on the chair, she felt a definite poking going on, as well as the buckle of the belt he wore that was currently digging into her lower back and causing a great amount of discomfort. With expert hands, she dove them between herself and the blonde and navigated toward the belt buckle that was causing so much trouble, before swiftly pulling it loose and yanking it off him. The look on his face was now vastly different from what it had been, with his eyes as wide as dinner plates at what she had just managed to achieve without any kind of struggle. Most men often had trouble removing their belts late at night before climbing into bed and here she was, taking all of three seconds to both unbuckle it and pull it off. It also seemed as though he was believing she wanted a bit more from him than he might he considered before calling for a girl and that was not something she wanted to let simmer. She didn't want anything along those lines from him; at least, not whilst she was currently working.

“H.. how about that chat, then?” she asked, finding she couldn't get comfortable enough in this position to actually continue dancing.

Without words, he moved his hand and held a finger to her lips to silence any sound that might be longing to escape. Although confused by his actions, she shushed right up and waited patiently for him to decided what he wanted to do. A chat did sound like a nice alternative to being practically upside down with your legs hanging over the shoulders of an enormously attractive blonde, with eyes the colour of the sky. Her head dropped back as she wasn't able to keep it lifted any longer and when his hands released their hold on her hips, she panicked and let out a squeal before he grabbed her hands and hoisted her up until she sat on his shoulders. Not an ideal position for her to be in as she hadn't welcomed a man's face pressed up against her entrance before and her coyness quickly came out to play. Her hands clung to his blonde hair as though any moment now, he would trip over the carpet and send them both flying, though the outcome of her landing would be far more devastating than his own given where she was currently situated, not to mention it was too dirty.

Before she could even open her mouth to curse him out for lifting her all the way up here, he bent his knees over the edge of the sofa only an inch or so away from the chair and dropped her down on it, slowly so as not to cause her any injuries. Her breath came tumbling out and her heartbeat slowed to a normal rhythm as soon as she found herself laying flat against something that wasn't likely to trip or fall and though she wanted terribly to complain still, she held back. Raising her head to meet his gaze, their eyes locked and he held that stare as he crawled over the arm of the sofa, between her legs and hovered over her frame. As before, her heartbeat increased and there was thump after thump after thump, like the quickened beat of dubstep in an abandoned club. It drummed in her ears as she watched his face come into view directly over hers and absently, she wet her lips with the tip of her tongue. He followed suit, dampening his own mouth that had since gone dry with how heavy his breathing had been as a result of her dancing and how he found it to be quite pleasant.

Yer in trouble now, yer know tha' right?” he asked, though she knew it was merely a rhetorical question and so, fell silent.

All she managed was a slight nod of the head, but was able to raise her hands enough to push gently against his chest as though telling him without words to back off. It wasn't what she wanted at all, for him to lift himself off of her and leave her be; she actually did want this to go somewhere, but held no high hopes for it getting that far. He was stunning, for a bloke and it made her feel inadequate, but with the way he was gazing down at her with nothing but wantonness, told her that to him she was nothing of the sort and perhaps, he discovered in the last half hour or so that she was and always had been worth more than that. It was a little hard to believe thoughts of that nature were floating around inside his head, what with how he had grown even more beautiful over the years and if she hadn't been trying hard enough, she would have put her foot in it earlier this evening if given half the chance. To not comment on how attracted she was to him seemed like a crime, but it had been for the best, until now. Her innermost thoughts were just waiting to come pouring out.

Yer a right stunner, Violet...” he chanced, knowing he hadn't been able to use that name before but hoping that game was now over.

A blush blew across the tops of her cheeks and her eyelashes fluttered some as she quickly looked away from him to gather herself, before turning back and repeating what he had said, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. There was obvious sexual tension between the two but one had never ventured into any activities that usually take place beneath the bed sheets, thus, was more than a little nervous as to what it was the other wanted out of this. The girl fought against her will to shove him off, toss the coat back on and peg it out the door. Her emotions were causing turmoil inside of her and she wanted both to be free from her uncertainty and to have him take her repeatedly. Both were ideal outcomes to the current predicament and yet, the only thing holding her back from the latter was her inexperience and not knowing what he might make of it. Surely, someone like himself knew what to do, how to do it, what to say and when to say, whereas she didn't have a bloody clue and no amount of lectures from her work colleagues had helped her any.

“You're a really, really good looking guy, Lloyd.. but I.. well..” she tried, not knowing how to word her concerns effectively.

Yer dun know what yer doin'?” he asked, tilting his head and smiling warmly at the girl who lay beneath him, nodding in shame.

With all the gentleness he could muster, as though handling a newborn baby, he lowered himself further down until he lay on her though kept some of his weight up by one elbow. His free hand started its journey up above, with his thumb lightly tracing her plump lower lip before drifting softly down her neck, over her shoulder and down between her breasts. He watched with wonder as her chest rose a little higher and her she inhaled deeply as his hand passed over the area, almost as though she hadn't experienced anything like it before. It would not come as a surprise if she really hadn't, given how she was reacting so wonderfully to something so simple. And he loved every moment of it as much as she seemed to. His fingers gently marked a path over her abdomen and he continued to touch her as though she was but a feather and sensitive to the slightest touch, and he, a bird finding its wings and ability of flight under changeable weather. He did not wish to frighten her or force her into anything that would make her uncomfortable, but the look in her eyes cast aside doubt.

“I.. want this, I do” she finally spoke up, her breathing still a little out of sorts and her expression one of bliss and fascination.

“Are yer sure? We cun stop right now if yer would rather not,” he gave her the option to back out and would do so immediately if she changed her mind and decided this wasn't such a great idea. “I 'ave no problem waitin' till yer really ready.”

With those words, the girl felt as though a weight had been lifted off her and a smile won over as a result, followed by a smile of his own as he realised all was well. It might have been a challenge for them to get through the night if one felt uncomfortable and though she still did feel a little bit out of her comfort zone, being beneath a gorgeous guy and all, the fact that they used to be good friends was somewhat of a relief to her. He had never before considered her to be anything less than an ideal friend and someone he could trust entirely; and she had always thought the same of him. No matter the years that had kept them from communicating with one another, it was almost as though they had never really lost contact and were still very much a part of one anothers lives. The smile that had glued itself onto her lips remained in place and with more bravery than she could usually gather together, she gripped the collar of his open flannel shirt and pulled him down with force. So much so, their teeth clashed as they both opened their mouth in unison to welcome a kiss.

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