Settle Down With Me

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Settle Down With Me

Post by Wolfy on Wed Jul 08, 2015 7:11 pm

Insp; [ x ]

Violet lay beside him as he held her frame tight to his own, inhaling that familiar scent of cinnamon rolls. A small smile graced his lips as she nestled closer to him still, almost as though the lack of space between the two already, was too big a gap. Fingers curled adorably around the open plaid shirt he wore, soft sighs parting her lips every now and then whilst he watched. His eyes followed her movements as they progressed, soon enough slipping the shirt from his body entirely. It caught him a little off guard, yet he shrugged his shoulders enough to allow the shirt to fall in a crumpled heap beside the bed. She nuzzled the vest he wore beneath it then, coiling herself around his body in an attempt to latch on as close as she possibly could, wanting to be just another part of him. He was unable to erase the knowing smile from his lips as she continued, pushing a few boundaries by pressing soft kisses to his collarbone. Eyes soon fluttered closed at the tender touch, budding lust building inside of him with every peck from her mouth. It was not the first time, but both had been adamant for years, that they were simply friends and nothing more. He was finding that all the more difficult to believe, given the way her hands explored and her lips followed their trail, marking a path over his baby-soft skin. If she denied it now, he would know she was lying through her teeth.

"Cun I kiss yer now?" he asked, searching her eyes so that he might find some truth, if her response was not a reflection of her desires.

Pausing as she continued her exploration, eyes flicked up with her lips pressed tight upon the skin of her chest. The sight alone spun cogs in his head, as he looked down upon her, finding himself falling deeper and deeper. She seemed to look through him for a moment, but soon focused on his eyes. They bore into hers and she dove right in, as though swimming in the vast ocean right outside the bedroom window. It was hard to know how to respond, but the tug in her stomach that pulled her with force to him every single day, would not give up the ghost. She was unable to deny that she was falling for him, or that she already had and was struggling to voice her feelings. Softly, with all the care and grace one might possess when handling a newborn, she rose over him, straddling his waist as he kept his eyes on hers. Unmoving when he reached one of his hands up to cup the side of her face, she willingly leaned into his palm and he smiled again. If nothing more, all he longed for was to hold her close every day, whispering into her ear from dusk till dawn, how beautiful she was and how she deserved nothing but the best in life. And if he felt bold enough, promise to give her just as much. It seemed a lot to offer, but they had known one another a very long time, grown up together and knew all there was to know. A relationship at this point would be a blessing.

"I've always loved you," she confessed, eyes springing open as his hand remained in place, pulling her in toward himself.

"An' I 'ave always loved yer, too," he added, eyes watching her reaction to him as he gently pressed his lips against her own.

All words were muffled as they shared a kiss, both had been waiting for over a span of ten years. Every last little bout of emotion that had been kept buried all that time was poured into the others mouth, as tongues swirled and danced. His other hand rose and cupped the other side of her face, holding her tight to himself as she lay down gently upon him, fully aware of the growth between his legs and her own. A grin settled on her lips and he felt the curve, pulling back a few inches to gauge what was so amusing, only to realise she did not want to end the kiss. Flinging herself forward, her lips bruised his and with haste, he rolled the pair over so she was on her back beneath him, eyes opening to stare into his own whilst their tongues continued their battle for dominance. Her groans vibrated against his lips, in turn encouraging his own and once again, he felt her grin, which he mimicked. Alive with the rush of lust seeping through him, he gripped the skirt of her dress and practically ripped it up and over her head, taking her by surprise as she looked up at him with widened eyes. That was something she hadn't been expecting, not that she was going to complain about it anytime soon.

"My, didn't think you were that eager," she giggled, glancing up at him as he parted ways to catch his breath.

"Yer 'ave been far too temptin' for far too long," he admitted, yanking his vest off of his upper body and tossing it aside, along with his slacks.

"Why did it take you so long to make a move?" she asked, head tilting on the pillow as she waited.

"Why did it take yer so long? same situation," he offered, brows rising as her cheeks reddened.


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Re: Settle Down With Me

Post by Maggie on Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:36 am

I'm so so sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this my dear. I can't handle these two! Seriously they're just too much, and my my is it getting warm in here or is it just me? *fans self* A++++++ work my dear and please keep it up! P.S. Love the Ed Sheeran song! Very Happy


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